Inclusion and Diversity Projects

 The main service of Pluraliza is the Inclusion & Diversity Projects, which aim to help companies and organizations in the creation and management of strategies to promote diversity and inclusion of people belonging to social groups in vulnerable situations in the labor market, such as women, LGBT+ community, people with disabilities, blacks, elderly, youth, among others.

We establish the inclusion project after three main stages:


The stage of Data Collection and Diagnosis involves the analysis of internal documents and the organization of a census to collect quantitative data and understand internal policies about diversity. We also conduct interviews and focus groups with employees to know more about their perspective and to measure the effectiveness of existing policies. At last, we produce a report with all results.

Pluraliza counts on the support of collaborators with expertise in diversity issues to elaborate a full inclusion project with recommendations of actions and policies to solve the identified challenges and transform the environment into more plural and inclusive.

Pluraliza also assists on the development of institutional materials, including news related to diversity and best practice manuals. We also provide guidance with regard to compliance with the laws on quotas for people with disabilities, legal requirements and consequences in the event of non-compliance.