Training and Lectures

In addition to the consulting pillar, Pluraliza also offers training, lectures and workshops for leaders, managers, human resources professionals and employees.

The lectures and workshops aim to promote discussion on relevant topics and guide leaders and managers so that the working environment becomes more inclusive, responsive and provides a healthy coexistence with plurality and difference.

The material developed by Pluraliza encompasses concepts related to the importance of diversity, the discussion of unconscious biases and stereotypes, inappropriate terms, inequalities of gender and race, sexuality, inclusion of people with disabilities, among others.

Trainings can be conducted online or live.

Trainings and Lectures that are available in 2018:

Importance of diversity in corporate environment

Race, gender, social and other inequalities

Accessible language and images

Stereotypes and Unconscious biases

Privilege Awareness

Women’s Empowerment

Gender and intersectionality in organizations

Ethnic-racial diversity

Diversity and Empathy